07 November

Custom in the “Senses Room”

EquipHotel Paris

LUMEN CENTER ITALIA custom in the “Senses Room” EquipHotel Paris, Hall 3 – Paris, 6th-10th November 2016

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LCI takes part to Equipe Hotel (biennial international exhibition of the hospitality sector) within the "Senses Room" in Hall 3, concept of a deluxe suite designed around the theme of accessibility for disabled people.
LCI, strong of its lighting expertise of over 40 years of history and custom projects for the hospitality sector, has made the electrification of the large ceiling light (almost 2x1 meters ) of which MABO of Turin provided the metal diffuser.

28 June


Project by Cerutti Illuminazione

The several variations of TAKÈ PLUS in a country house in Briga Novarese (Novara) with large spaces,

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whose illuminating engineering project has been looked after by Cerutti Illuminazione: in the big living room there is a TAKÈ PLUSS5, hanging lamp with 5 modules, that lights up both the kitchen and the dining room; in the sitting room TAKÈ PLUS S4, floor lamp; then a couple of TAKÈ PLUS S4 that creates a cascade effect in the inner stairwell. The adaptable TAKÈ PLUS system, with opal white PE diffusor and LED sources (3000 K colour temperature), in addition to assuring an efficient lighting, it is a design element, inspired to a stylised bamboo branch (in Japanese Takè means bamboo).

06 May

Takè custom


Flexibility use example of TAKÉ, a cascade of light effect to light up the inner stairwell of an apartment complex in Zurich. 

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The project, in collaboration with Archiluce, is realised with innumerable two-elements vertical modules, each of them with PE opal white diffuser and 32 W LED sources (colour temperature: 3000 K).
This is just one of the numerous projects possible with TAKÉ, a system that is made up of  versions from 1 to 6 elements for suspensions;and that offers countless variations for floor, table, wall and outdoor versions too. It is suitable to light up both households and retail or shared areas.