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11 July


PLANETS, Design by JAMO Associated

The New Suspension Lumen Center Italy, of Japanese design, uses the pure geometry of the spheres to make your space more elegant and wanted.


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Made in brass and polyethylene. LED Light Source.
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25 December

Warm or cold? Intense or softer?

Focus on SIBYLLA #infoweb76

the extremely minimal suspension lamp that offers the chance to modulate, through remote controller, the color temperature of light and its intensity.

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Design Amedeo G.Cavalchini for LUMEN CENTER ITALIA !

14 November


Our new floor lamps honour two of the most famous squares in Paris, city of light par excellence.

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Two columns of light of 179 cm that give charm and elegance to your home. To choose from the softness of the wood combined with the hardness of the metal of VENDOME and the sophisticated white or black of CONCORDE. High quality, direct and indirect LED light, CRI>90.