01 July


Opening showroom

on the next July 6th inaugurates the first one brand showroom in Asia. 

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400 mq2 and wide shop windows in one of the most central street in Tokyo.
Just over a year from the launch of LUMEN CENTER JAPAN with the purpose of internationalisation towards high population density and high development countries, we are glad to announce this brand new goal.

28 June


Project by Cerutti Illuminazione

The several variations of TAKÈ PLUS in a country house in Briga Novarese (Novara) with large spaces,

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whose illuminating engineering project has been looked after by Cerutti Illuminazione: in the big living room there is a TAKÈ PLUSS5, hanging lamp with 5 modules, that lights up both the kitchen and the dining room; in the sitting room TAKÈ PLUS S4, floor lamp; then a couple of TAKÈ PLUS S4 that creates a cascade effect in the inner stairwell. The adaptable TAKÈ PLUS system, with opal white PE diffusor and LED sources (3000 K colour temperature), in addition to assuring an efficient lighting, it is a design element, inspired to a stylised bamboo branch (in Japanese Takè means bamboo).

21 June


New concept of modular ceiling light

The ceiling lamps BRICK, BRAC and DOMINO have pure and simple geometric shapes and are white powder metal painted.

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They are coloured bricks to be used singularly or to be freely matched, in order to create any geometric solutions for every kind of environment. 
They can create dynamic compositions if multiplied on the ceiling so that can be defined as a new concept of ceiling light.
A system that invites to create and match different tiles of an always various light mosaic. As in the ancient Chinese game of tangram or in a nature fractal, the compositions logic is free and creative.