Ahlux is the studio founded by Augusto Grillo, born in 1954. Thanks to his experience as manager of the European research centre of Panasonic, he develops and conducts important studies on creativity, design and innovation. From 1993 to 2001, he was the Managing Director of VillaTosca Design Management Centre, a company specialized in the management of creative processes – which, over the past twenty years, has developed innovative methodologies applicable to the various phases of design: from trend researches, to product and service concepts. In 1998/99 he founded the first portal of creativity “aedo-to.com”, which in 9 years of activity organizes 27 national and international “e-competition workshops”, generating job opportunities for around 100 planners and designers. In the second half of the 90s he began collaborating with Lumen Center Italia where he experimented with the use of alternative sources and studied the interaction between light and human metabolism. Currently he is Visiting Professor at TAMA University of Art and Design in Tokyo. His design methodology is receptive to contemporary thought, with strong cultural roots, sensitive to aesthetics, technology and innovation, not least his constant research on the theme of light and visual comfort. Thoughts and works of Augusto Grillo are a synthesis of Humanism and Science, West and East, Numbers and Aesthetics, they transpire in his projects, in his works and in his publications (“Numbers and Aesthetics”, “Beauty of Beauty” and “Light and Visual Comfort”).



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