Lumen center at big brother: the leaves family and grus among the protagonists of the house

Lumen Center had the extraordinary opportunity to exhibit its lamps inside the House of Big Brother, creating a combination of design and lighting in one of the most iconic contexts of television. This partnership has brought the beauty and elegance of LUMEN CENTER lamps into the daily lives of competitors and viewers.

In particular, the lamps of the Leaves Family (Villatosca) and the Grus (Alberto Saggia and Valerio Sommella), with their sophisticated design and their quality lighting, have added a touch of style and comfort to the environment of the House of Big Brother. The right lighting can make a difference in an environment, creating cozy and engaging atmospheres, and Lumen Center has played a key role in making the competitor’s experience even more special. This initiative has shown that lighting is not only functional but also an essential design element that can transform spaces.

Lumen Center is proud to have had the opportunity to participate in this collaboration and to have made its contribution to the world of design and lighting in a context as well known as the House of Big Brother. This experience was another example of how our commitment to shaping the future of lighting continues to inspire and enrich the spaces we live in. Stay with us for more projects and enlightened collaborations that celebrate the beauty of design.

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