Projects April 2024: Eclectic lamps for every interior

In April 2024, Lumen Center with its lamps lit up several spaces including the VH VACATION HOMES shop in Portugal and the living room of a private house designed by the Delight.

The two interiors although very different in atmosphere and style have some features in common, Lumen Center lamps and attention to detail. The ORBIT and TØB lamps, which take centre stage as furnishing accessories, are lighting fixtures which, through their minimal, essential and timeless form, succeed in bringing out the uniqueness of both interiors.

VH VACATION HOMES between modernity and colour

With a fresh and modern style, the Portuguese shop has designed a youthful interior full of colour, cleverly enriched with ad hoc artwork to enhance the surroundings. Among the various pieces of furniture, the most outstanding are ORBIT, a table lamp that with its distinctive shape together with the painting on the wall gives boldness and uniqueness to the office, and TØB, tubular brass suspension lamps that blend perfectly with the modern kitchen displayed in the large room, creating plays of colour and shapes that enrich and elevate the surrounding space.

Delight between luxury and refinement

The interior designed by Delight Russia shop is an environment characterised by the skilful use of precious materials and textures, making it both modern and elegant. Marbles of different colours and dark wood combine to create an atmosphere full of charm and exclusivity, which is further elevated by the galvanic details of the furnishings including the polished brass and satin gold finishes of the LUMEN CENTER lamps. ORBIT in fact, through its timeless appearance and a constantly balancing form, becomes a luminous work of art within the space. TØB, on the other hand, precious in its details and minimal in its form, enriches the dining area with a pointed and warm light in harmony with the sophisticated style of the house.

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